Currently coveting: Fitness fanatic edition.

Happy New Year everyone! Seeing as this is the start to a brand new year I thought I would gather a list of the ultimate workout gear for those who are looking for that little bit of extra motivation to get fit or even for those who have already begun. This way you can look amazing while getting your sweat on! Below are some of my picks for gear that I already own and love and also a couple that I need. I have a little motto I thought I would share. Tread, shred, and bed (I need my 8 hours or better yet, 10). Enjoy!


I have this exact pair of Nike Frees. Ever since I first tried Nike Frees a few years back I haven’t turned back because of their comfort and flex. They are the ultimate cross training shoe and seriously, what’s a workout without a little color?


I recently got this tank at Lululemon ON SALE in a light pink. It’s perfect for staying cool at your yoga or barre class sweat sessions!


Running outside in Canada during the winter can be a chilly task. I love this jacket that Stella McCartney designed for Adidas to bundle up for those winter morning runs.


Let’s be honest here. What other workout pant is there besides Lululemon? I’ve tried many others and none of them really measure up to the comfort, quality, and breathability. I love this pair with the mesh all around to keep extra cool while at the gym.


Victoria’s secret has the BEST sports bras. I recently purchased the new Incredible Front Close and I love it. Not only is it super convenient to do up in the front, but it provides maximum support for those high intensity workouts.

xoxo Karina

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