Happy Birthday Queen B.

Ahh. Yes, it’s that time of year again…Blair Waldorf’s birthday. Because she had such an influence on us all and in order to celebrate, let us take a moment to remember what the Queen taught us about fashion.


1.) Headbands work wonders.


2.) Prim and proper isn’t such a bad thing.


3.) Lace isn’t just for our grandmother’s.


4.) Colour is good.


5.) Pearls really are a girls best friend.


6.) A dapper man can be a great accessory.

xoxo Karina







We apologize for the lack of posts in the past week. Some new changes will be happening to JK so we’ve just been sorting all these new changes out. While she still maintains a relationship with JK and plans to be involved as much as she can, due to other commitments Josie will no longer appear on the blog. No worries (there was no huge fallout where we pulled each others hair out), but this is what works best for the time being. We thank everyone for their support and hope that you will continue to enjoy JK!


xoxo Josie & Karina