5 fashionable gifts that give a hoot.

We’ve all been there. Aimlessly wandering the mall less than a week before Christmas to find those perfect final few gifts – or perhaps to only begin (no judgement here). But before you spring for an easy-fix gift card, I’m here to help with fashionable gift ideas that also happen to give back in a big way. Why give one gift when you can give one amazing gift that will help out a good cause?

1) Matt+Nat

As I’m sure we all know, a black bag is a staple in every wardrobe (trust me – I’m sure I have 10+), but this vegan leather crossbody from Matt+Nat stands out among the rest. Not only is its round shape adorable, but 100% of the proceeds from every bag sold goes towards one of the brands partnered charities of your choosing. I’m not sure about you, but I can definitely make room for one more LBB.

SHOP: HOPE Cross-Body Bag

2) Peace Collective

This Toronto-based brand offers a range of clothing and accessories for women AND men that allow you to sport your Canadian/hometown/sports team pride in comfort and style. Better yet, every garment sold means that two meals are donated to a Canadian child in need. Need I say more?

SHOP: Canadian Babe Terry Cropped Crewneck

3) Cheekbone Beauty

If you haven’t yet heard of Cheekbone Beauty…girl – where’ve you been? Combining her passion for beauty and a mission to empower indigenous youth, this Canadian company’s founder has done just that. 10% of the profits from every purchase supports education for First Nations children (who, by the way, receive 30-50% less funding for their education). Time to get that glow on.

SHOP: Stardust Highlighter Trio

4) Ninety Percent

Fresh out of the UK, this brand brings an entirely new shopping experience to its customers. After shopping through a selection of (super cute) everyday basics, 90% of the profits from your purchase go toward a charity of YOUR choice. And just look at this dress…

SHOP: Ribbed Contrast-Hem Dress

5) n:Philanthropy

Their slogan says it all: “Fashion that gives a damn”. Aside from being a saviour to fashionista’s everywhere for their comfortable, edgy, and totally wearable clothing, n:Philanthropy also cares about PUPPIES…and children too. 10% of proceeds are donated to Children’s Hospital LA, the ASPCA, and more. I’m in.

SHOP: ‘Have a Nice Day’ Bomber Jacket


xoxo Karina

Fort McMurray.

Hi everyone! I genuinely apologize for being absent from the blogging scene these last couple weeks or so. However it’s been for good reason. As some of you may have already seen on the news, much of my hometown of Fort McMurray, Alberta has been ravaged by wildfires. This is the place I took my first breath, had my first steps, and learned much of what I know for my first 18 years. It’s also home to over 80,000 of some of the kindest, most generous, and hardworking people I have ever had the pleasure of knowing.  While I no longer physically live in Fort Mac, my heart will always remain. It has been absolutely heartbreaking to watch my hometown go up in flames after years of building the community. But my heart has also been filled with so much hope and joy as I’ve watched how people from all over have come together to support everyone from Fort Mac. You too can help. The Canadian Red Cross is accepting donations as I write this, with both the province of Alberta, and the government of Canada promising to match each donation made. If you wish to help, I will provide the links below!

Today, instead of doing my usual outfit post I thought it would be fitting to share some of my annual fall photos taken in places around Fort Mac over the years. Surrounded by forest, it’s never failed to provide us with a spectacular backdrop. And let me tell you. There are no fall seasons quite like Fort Mac’s. Some of the photos that I have chosen to include were taken in areas that have sadly been lost in the fires, making them all the more special.

To donate online with your choice of dollar amount:


Or you can also donate via text:

Text FIRES to 45678 to donate $10

Text REDCROSS to 30333 to donate $5

Every little bit helps, and I know myself and the people of Fort Mac appreciate it very much! Now, without further ado I present to you my feature presentation of the day: Fort Mac Fall Photos of Karina’s Past…and hang tight. I got a little carried away going down memory lane.

Beautiful view of the old bridge heading downtown.

Fall photo shoot in high school with the squad.

My brother and me at the age of 3.

Definitely taken during an awkward phase.

My jeans got dirty but it was worth it.

I feel like we were in the movie Twilight and I love it.

Image (3) - Copy - Copy
Check out my sick Babar sweater. I want one in my current size please.

IPhone Pictures 268
View from Abasand, an area of town that was largely lost in the fire.

Throwback to that time mom was feeling creative with the camera and I was very confused.

Image (2)
These photos were taken in Waterways, another part of town that experienced heavy damage. They’re still some of my favourite photos…

Image (2) - Copy
Throwback to that time my mom got my then 6 year old brother to take a photo of us.

The classic Waterways bridge ❤

This photo was taken in Abasand after an earlier dance performance in which I had braided hair (hence the hat and frizzy hair)

Image (3)
Awww look

IPhone Pictures 270
View from Abasand

Image - Copy
Even back then I was practicing my signature ‘look away from the camera because I blink an awful lot’ pose.

We were pumped to throw leaves.

Image (3) - Copy
Yesssss this outfit was the bomb diggity.

Image (2) - Copy - Copy
We look concerned but I have my Babar sweater so it’s alright.


xoxo Karina

1 year ago…

I am so excited as today is the day the blog turns 1! Going into this, I had no idea just how much work it would take to run a fashion blog and I have gained so much more respect for all my fellow bloggers. This past year has been amazing. Since day 1, I have had incredible supporters (THANKS MOM) and people who have helped out with the blog. Along the way I’ve also gained many more followers  who have been so sweet and supportive in the blogger community. So for that, I want to say thank you so much for making what I love that much more enjoyable! I have lots of exciting plans for this next year and I can’t wait to share them with you all…With lots of love, here’s to many more.

xoxo Karina



*Note* -I had an absolute ball with these balloons. AND I even smiled for those who have expressed their concerns over me not smiling for outfit posts…just because those balloons were that exciting for me.

Currently Coveting: Miss Patina.

I first came across Miss Patina last year after I had seen Taylor Swift wearing this insanely fabulous jacket. I could not help but scour the internet to figure out where it was from. And just like that, BAM. I found it. That my friends, is the moment Miss Patina came into my life. These days I spend much of my free time dreaming of the British brands signature vintage inspired pieces. I am obsessed with 99.99% of it, so it was quite difficult to narrow it down to only a few of my favourites. But here they are!


I have been drooling over this lovely burgundy coat for a good month now. I may just find it in my closet soon enough. I am also in love with the sweater underneath. That will also be in my closet soon enough.


This polka dot blouse is too adorable. And the little bow tie…I need this in my life.


For those who don’t personally know me, I am obsessed with dogs. So naturally, I got very excited when I stumbled upon this English Hound blouse. Not to mention the cool zipper detailing on the collar.


T-Swift has this dress. That is all.


A sweater with little foxes! What could be better?


Perhaps this kick ass set? Click for: Jacket/Shorts

xoxo Karina

Currently Coveting: Kate Spade Accessories

I don’t think it’s much of a surprise when I say that Kate Spade is one of my all time favourites. And when I say I’m “currently coveting”, I really mean “I’m always coveting”. And the spring/summer collection just so happens to be one of my favourites from the line EVER. So, I thought I’d compile some of my top picks for accessories for the upcoming warm weather (or at least it’ll make me feel like it’s warmer).

Screenshot (4)_edited-1

This soft coloured bag is too pretty. I feel I could walk around Paris with my macaroons and look right at home.

Screenshot (5)_edited-1

THIS BAG. That is all.

Screenshot (8)

I loooooooooooove these sunnies. A modern twist on a subtle cat eye. Plus, Karlie Kloss wore the same ones in black and white for the Spring campaign. Need I say more?

Screenshot (9)

I can’t decide which ones I love more. The colour of the frames on these ones are killer, and they have that amazing shape.

Screenshot (6)

These Kate Spade X Keds  sneakers are so fun! Just look at those little sparkly pink lady bugs. Sneakers are having a serious moment right now, and these are definitely a must. I’m searching for these ones ASAP!

Screenshot (7)

YESSS with the lady bugs. This headband is unique and oh-so-cute for the warm spring/summer months. Add some red lips with that and BOOM…you are set.


What’s your favourite accessory from my picks? Let me know!

xoxo Karina




Currently coveting: Spring awakening.

I probably should have just titled this post: Zara favourites, seeing as all my picks are from the magnificent Zara. I was just minding my own business, browsing the internet the other day when Zara’s spring collection hit me like a bucket of bricks. Which is also perhaps why I chose a few extra’s this time around. Enjoy lovelies!


OOOOOOOHHHHH so cute. This little number also just so happens to be a jumpsuit so you never ever have to worry about it blowing up in the wind. Plus nothing says spring more than yellow.


I’m loving the gingham for spring. This blouse with the neck tie is absolutely adorable, and I can start wearing it right now.


THE TWO-PIECE. I’ve been on long journey’s in search of a two-piece outfit for a good year now. I love the classy cut of this one in particular. The top also has a little slit in the back for that extra cool-factor.


I found more yellow. With a bow. Enough said. (Shop here)


I’m so red-y (I apologize) for this dress to hang in my closet. It looks like a two-piece, but it’s not. I could wear this one every day in the warmer weather.

xoxo Karina