Currently Coveting: Miss Patina.

I first came across Miss Patina last year after I had seen Taylor Swift wearing this insanely fabulous jacket. I could not help but scour the internet to figure out where it was from. And just like that, BAM. I found it. That my friends, is the moment Miss Patina came into my life. These days I spend much of my free time dreaming of the British brands signature vintage inspired pieces. I am obsessed with 99.99% of it, so it was quite difficult to narrow it down to only a few of my favourites. But here they are!


I have been drooling over this lovely burgundy coat for a good month now. I may just find it in my closet soon enough. I am also in love with the sweater underneath. That will also be in my closet soon enough.


This polka dot blouse is too adorable. And the little bow tie…I need this in my life.


For those who don’t personally know me, I am obsessed with dogs. So naturally, I got very excited when I stumbled upon this English Hound blouse. Not to mention the cool zipper detailing on the collar.


T-Swift has this dress. That is all.


A sweater with little foxes! What could be better?


Perhaps this kick ass set? Click for: Jacket/Shorts

xoxo Karina

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