Fort McMurray.

Hi everyone! I genuinely apologize for being absent from the blogging scene these last couple weeks or so. However it’s been for good reason. As some of you may have already seen on the news, much of my hometown of Fort McMurray, Alberta has been ravaged by wildfires. This is the place I took my first breath, had my first steps, and learned much of what I know for my first 18 years. It’s also home to over 80,000 of some of the kindest, most generous, and hardworking people I have ever had the pleasure of knowing.  While I no longer physically live in Fort Mac, my heart will always remain. It has been absolutely heartbreaking to watch my hometown go up in flames after years of building the community. But my heart has also been filled with so much hope and joy as I’ve watched how people from all over have come together to support everyone from Fort Mac. You too can help. The Canadian Red Cross is accepting donations as I write this, with both the province of Alberta, and the government of Canada promising to match each donation made. If you wish to help, I will provide the links below!

Today, instead of doing my usual outfit post I thought it would be fitting to share some of my annual fall photos taken in places around Fort Mac over the years. Surrounded by forest, it’s never failed to provide us with a spectacular backdrop. And let me tell you. There are no fall seasons quite like Fort Mac’s. Some of the photos that I have chosen to include were taken in areas that have sadly been lost in the fires, making them all the more special.

To donate online with your choice of dollar amount:

Or you can also donate via text:

Text FIRES to 45678 to donate $10

Text REDCROSS to 30333 to donate $5

Every little bit helps, and I know myself and the people of Fort Mac appreciate it very much! Now, without further ado I present to you my feature presentation of the day: Fort Mac Fall Photos of Karina’s Past…and hang tight. I got a little carried away going down memory lane.

Beautiful view of the old bridge heading downtown.
Fall photo shoot in high school with the squad.
My brother and me at the age of 3.
Definitely taken during an awkward phase.
My jeans got dirty but it was worth it.
I feel like we were in the movie Twilight and I love it.
Image (3) - Copy - Copy
Check out my sick Babar sweater. I want one in my current size please.
IPhone Pictures 268
View from Abasand, an area of town that was largely lost in the fire.
Throwback to that time mom was feeling creative with the camera and I was very confused.
Image (2)
These photos were taken in Waterways, another part of town that experienced heavy damage. They’re still some of my favourite photos…
Image (2) - Copy
Throwback to that time my mom got my then 6 year old brother to take a photo of us.
The classic Waterways bridge ❤
This photo was taken in Abasand after an earlier dance performance in which I had braided hair (hence the hat and frizzy hair)
Image (3)
Awww look
IPhone Pictures 270
View from Abasand
Image - Copy
Even back then I was practicing my signature ‘look away from the camera because I blink an awful lot’ pose.
We were pumped to throw leaves.
Image (3) - Copy
Yesssss this outfit was the bomb diggity.
Image (2) - Copy - Copy
We look concerned but I have my Babar sweater so it’s alright.

xoxo Karina

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