Currently Coveting: White.

White, white, white! Lately I’ve been digging all the summer whites. No matter what, white always seems to look polished even if you woke up and had next to no time to get ready. Here’s some of my picks for head-to-toe white looks, or even for just taking one white piece to create a magnificent outfit!


I just think this Topshop dress is so cool. It would make me feel a lot cooler than I am. The sheer panels would also help to keep you cool on a blistering summer day.


With the dress, of course you need the perfect bag! I recently saw this Ralph Lauren one whilst on a shopping trip and fell in love.


For a more casual look, I love these white Vans sneakers. And imagine how long you could walk around in the mall in these babies…


Last but certainly not least, this lovely Kate Spade watch. I know I know, it’s not completely white but I couldn’t resist. It would work wonders as the one contrasting piece to an all-white ensemble.

xoxo Karina

Currently Coveting: Kate Spade Accessories

I don’t think it’s much of a surprise when I say that Kate Spade is one of my all time favourites. And when I say I’m “currently coveting”, I really mean “I’m always coveting”. And the spring/summer collection just so happens to be one of my favourites from the line EVER. So, I thought I’d compile some of my top picks for accessories for the upcoming warm weather (or at least it’ll make me feel like it’s warmer).

Screenshot (4)_edited-1

This soft coloured bag is too pretty. I feel I could walk around Paris with my macaroons and look right at home.

Screenshot (5)_edited-1

THIS BAG. That is all.

Screenshot (8)

I loooooooooooove these sunnies. A modern twist on a subtle cat eye. Plus, Karlie Kloss wore the same ones in black and white for the Spring campaign. Need I say more?

Screenshot (9)

I can’t decide which ones I love more. The colour of the frames on these ones are killer, and they have that amazing shape.

Screenshot (6)

These Kate Spade X Keds  sneakers are so fun! Just look at those little sparkly pink lady bugs. Sneakers are having a serious moment right now, and these are definitely a must. I’m searching for these ones ASAP!

Screenshot (7)

YESSS with the lady bugs. This headband is unique and oh-so-cute for the warm spring/summer months. Add some red lips with that and BOOM…you are set.


What’s your favourite accessory from my picks? Let me know!

xoxo Karina




Currently coveting: Spring awakening.

I probably should have just titled this post: Zara favourites, seeing as all my picks are from the magnificent Zara. I was just minding my own business, browsing the internet the other day when Zara’s spring collection hit me like a bucket of bricks. Which is also perhaps why I chose a few extra’s this time around. Enjoy lovelies!


OOOOOOOHHHHH so cute. This little number also just so happens to be a jumpsuit so you never ever have to worry about it blowing up in the wind. Plus nothing says spring more than yellow.


I’m loving the gingham for spring. This blouse with the neck tie is absolutely adorable, and I can start wearing it right now.


THE TWO-PIECE. I’ve been on long journey’s in search of a two-piece outfit for a good year now. I love the classy cut of this one in particular. The top also has a little slit in the back for that extra cool-factor.


I found more yellow. With a bow. Enough said. (Shop here)


I’m so red-y (I apologize) for this dress to hang in my closet. It looks like a two-piece, but it’s not. I could wear this one every day in the warmer weather.

xoxo Karina


Currently coveting: Fitness fanatic edition.

Happy New Year everyone! Seeing as this is the start to a brand new year I thought I would gather a list of the ultimate workout gear for those who are looking for that little bit of extra motivation to get fit or even for those who have already begun. This way you can look amazing while getting your sweat on! Below are some of my picks for gear that I already own and love and also a couple that I need. I have a little motto I thought I would share. Tread, shred, and bed (I need my 8 hours or better yet, 10). Enjoy!


I have this exact pair of Nike Frees. Ever since I first tried Nike Frees a few years back I haven’t turned back because of their comfort and flex. They are the ultimate cross training shoe and seriously, what’s a workout without a little color?


I recently got this tank at Lululemon ON SALE in a light pink. It’s perfect for staying cool at your yoga or barre class sweat sessions!


Running outside in Canada during the winter can be a chilly task. I love this jacket that Stella McCartney designed for Adidas to bundle up for those winter morning runs.


Let’s be honest here. What other workout pant is there besides Lululemon? I’ve tried many others and none of them really measure up to the comfort, quality, and breathability. I love this pair with the mesh all around to keep extra cool while at the gym.


Victoria’s secret has the BEST sports bras. I recently purchased the new Incredible Front Close and I love it. Not only is it super convenient to do up in the front, but it provides maximum support for those high intensity workouts.

xoxo Karina

I really love my…

  Little Black Bag


This Fossil bag has changed my life a little. I love my small and structured bags, and then this one waltzed into my life. Yes, it is simple…simply amazing. Everyone needs a little black bag and the gold hardware on this one adds a classic look. I wear it with absolutely everything, from little dresses to jeans to my favourite skirt ensembles… this bag does it all. Unfortunately after getting you all excited I have to say that this bag is no longer available, however I did find a couple that are similar. Shop a Marc Jacobs here… or a different Fossil here.

xoxo Karina

Currently Coveting: Holiday Edition.

Tis’ the season to look dashing. Since Christmas is rapidly approaching (21 more days to be exact), and since it’s most definitely the best holiday there has ever been, I figured it was time to compose a lovely list of items that I am currently coveting for the most wonderful time of the year.

Screen Shot 2014-12-01 at 10.30.27 PM

When I first saw this Kate Spade dress for the first time, I died. It’s no secret that red is one of my favorite colours, and with the bow it pretty much became one of my favorite dresses ever. Perfect for all those Christmas parties or even just sitting alone at home drinking tea and being classy.


Screen Shot 2014-12-01 at 10.30.45 PM

WOW. This little sparkly bag is perfect paired with the dress.


Screen Shot 2014-12-01 at 10.30.37 PM

Not going to lie, I’ve had these babies saved on my computer for a while now just itching for the right moment to post them. What can possibly be more festive than gloves that look just like Santa’s?

xoxo Karina






Currently Coveting.

Karina’s Picks

Screen Shot 2014-10-28 at 7.04.19 PM

I love love love this sweater from Zara. It’s got the cozy feel without sinking into that “I got hit by a truck and this is the first thing I put on after” kind of thing. Plus the colour is a nice switch up from the usual maroons and neutrals of the fall and winter seasons.

Screen Shot 2014-10-28 at 7.04.02 PM

There’s something about these patented slip-on shoes from Zara (I’m really digging the Zara today apparently) that are just too cool for school. I’ve been looking for the ultimate loafer style shoe for a long time and these may just be a winner.


Josie’s Picks
Screen Shot 2014-10-28 at 5.34.03 PM

Ohhhhh man. That’s all I feel like I need to say about these Kate Spade gloves. I’d be the classiest of classy ladies in these.
Screen Shot 2014-10-28 at 5.44.47 PM

I’m back on that sneaker train again. But I just can’t help but love these, they are so ugly they’re beautiful. It’s one third oxford, one third platform and one third sneaker.  I’ve never seen shoes like this before, but those sparkles are setting me in the mood for the christmas season. (Eh mom?) These TopShop flatforms are speaking to me. Or I need a nap.

xoxo Josie & Karina

Currently Coveting.

Karina’s Picks

Screen Shot 2014-10-21 at 7.28.03 PMIt’s almost that time of year again! Where your ears freeze off…unless you have these adorable Kate Spade earmuffs. I fell in love with these when I first saw them at Nordstrom. They are oh so cozy, and the bow adds the sweetest touch to every outdoor excursion.

Screen Shot 2014-10-21 at 7.28.19 PM

To me, this dress screams Wednesday Adams chic. I have always had a huge thing for collars and this stunning Valentino number is a must. The detailed red collar gives the dress the perfect pop of colour to your fall and winter ensembles. Pair it with tights and add another pop of red to pull the rest of your look together.


Josie’s Picks

Screen Shot 2014-10-21 at 5.12.02 PMIf there is anything I tend to splurge on it’s sunglasses and anything related to Lady Gaga. For example, over the summer I bought a pair of embellished Versace sunnies not only because they are the most beautiful sunnies I have ever seen, but Lady Gaga had modeled them. I’m shameless. I thought I had recovered from my sunglasses addiction, but alas I laid my eyes upon these Dolce and Gabbana beauties and I need to up my rate on my credit card.


Screen Shot 2014-10-21 at 5.18.45 PM


A few weeks ago, I received a pair of white sneakers from TopShop for my birthday, and I must say it was one of best gifts I’ve ever received (Thanks Mom!). Ever since then, I’ve been looking for another pair because they are so damn comfortable not to mention functional and perfect for the fall season! These Miu Miu ones are a dream, especially with the rhinestones on the tips, like daymn, somebody get me oxygen.

xoxo Josie & Karina

Currently Coveting.

Karina’s picks.

I have been OBSESSED with these Charlotte Olympia kitty flats the day I first saw them on Alexa Chung years ago. These blue velvet ones are just the right touch to make any outfit special. They even have a slight gold heel which is amazing.

Charlotte Olympia-Kitty Velvet Cat-Embroidered Flat, Navy:Gold. $495.00

Lately all I’ve wanted is a good ol’ pair of knee socks. These particular ones from Urban Outfitter’s are simple enough to wear with almost anything. Also, they would look killer with the kitty flats and a cute mini skirt.

Urban Outfitters $14 or 2 for $20

Josie’s picks.

I hope your vaccinations are up to date, because this cape is infectious. For forever and ever I have been looking for the perfect cape that would fashionably get me through the transitional seasons, and then I laid my eyes on this beauty from Burberry Prorsum and it was love at first sight. It would be the perfect fall layering essential for any girl.

Burberry Prorsum-Satin cape $1,038


I cannot tell you how much I love Love LOVE a good structured bag (I own several). This Vivienne Westwood tote is everything for me right now, the colour is perfect for fall and the iconic logo in gold speaks to me on another level. All you need is the matching shade of lipstick!
Vivienne Westwood. Monaco Large Tote $799.31

xoxo Josie & Karina